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Therapy for: Trauma, Anxiety, Addictions, Coping with Illness, Stress Management

A safe place to talk about problems, look at solutions, and make the choices that are right for you.

Do I need therapy?

Maybe life has generally been going okay, but a crisis has now made it difficult to get through the days. Or ongoing stress has built up to the point where you are not feeling like yourself any more. Short term, focused support can help get through your current problems and maybe even prepare you for the next "speed bumps" which life sends, making it less likely you will get to this level again.

Or perhaps you are dealing with chronic symptoms of depression, anxiety, etc. and are having a "flare up." Getting into treatment can get you back on track to better functioning.

Do I Have to Talk About My Past?

Sometimes it might be helpful to talk about things which have happened in your life, and I will spend time getting to know you in the first few sessions which will include getting a brief life history. However, many times we can find ways for you to feel better without having to "relive" traumas or unpleasant memories. We can make progress while focusing on your life today.

How Does Therapy Help With Medical Issues?

Getting counseling for medical problems does not mean the discomfort is "all in your head!" These conditions are real but the stress of living with them every day can make the symptoms worse. Counseling can help with managing the stressful thoughts and emotions which come up, and make it easier to cope.


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